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"Just a quick note to say thank you, and give you a little update. I met you three years ago, dreaming of owning a Gypsy Horse. Thanks to you and the confidence you gave me and The Gypsy Breed…I now have a wonderful horse!! Well beyond wonderful!! Words can't describe the awesome feeling I have raising a colt!! I would have never done this without your encouragement. Gastone is the very first colt I have ever spent time with. He is now almost three and Fabulous!! He will do absolutely anything for me! He swims, crosses rivers, trailers, clips, baths, good for trimmer/farrier, you can put tarps, fly spray, he doesn't spook at bicycles, quads, other animals, he will cross bridges, go over logs, trail rides in the front and in the rear, he will canter through a field no buck no runaway, he doesn't try to run home.

The list goes on, he stays at friends houses, he will go out on trails alone. I can't say enough wonderful things about him! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! The most rewarding and memorable thing I have ever done! I can't be prouder of Gastone. I Never thought I would raise a colt, and now I am!! And then there is Laddie who is also a complete joy and an absolute pleasure to be around every day!! I am looking forward to watching him grow into the man he will become. I will one day drive both of them, and they will both be Equine Therapy horses. Thank you again for believing in me and them!! God bless all of you!!"

Barbie Sue, Gastone and Laddie

"Lise, I still remember when I first wrote you on August 1, and what you replied: “I try to match each horse and person as the horses are different. A happy owner is a happy horse and has a higher percentage of forever homes. That’s important to me”. A couple of emails later you told me that your first pick for me was Gatsby. I like that name, that was what I immediately thought.

Though I didn’t know you, I felt like I could trust you. And now…..I find myself stuck here with the most beautiful thing that ever happened in my life!!! Each step I do together with Gatsby is my greatest joy! The smallest achievement with him comes to me like the most important step. And all I can say is just THANK YOU for this GREAT boy! …this is really the case when words are not enough to express what I really feel. Does it look like I’m really happy this evening???"


"After owning one Gypsy Cob that we purchased from Blarney Stone Acres, we wanted a 2nd. So, last year, we selected Rocket and feel that we couldn't have made a better choice! Rocket is super-sweet, just like Pistachio, and very easy going. Already, he is showing tremendous athletic ability and, like Pistachio, will be suitable for dressage, hunt-seat, driving and trail riding. Even as a youngster, he is calm and doesn't spook at anything. He has started his ground training and does anything that is asked of him. He has a very willing attitude and is the easiest horse we've ever started!

Having owned many other breeds of horses (Sport horses, Arabians, Andalusians, Quarter Horses, Paso Finos, Appendix), we'd have to say that the Gypsy Cob is our favorite! They are reliable, dependable, trustworthy, easy-going, willing, athletic and they love people. Their calm, willing attitude and versatility make them an excellent choice for almost any type of discipline and for riders of different skill levels. They will help build confidence in the beginner yet have the talent and athletic ability to earn competitive riders the blue ribbons!"

Erin & Steve

"We've owned Pistachio since he was a 3-year old. He has proven to be the sweetest, most reliable horse we've ever owned. He is so versatile and can do anything from dressage, driving, trail riding and even loves to jump. We have used him to teach several people to drive and he is gentle enough to give "pony rides" to little children. He is good for vet, farrier and loves people! "

Erin & Steve