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Breeding Program

We have the ingredients! The ingredients of generations of some of the most sought after, selectively bred gypsy horses to date. In order to be successful in breeding, it takes more than the "luck of the Irish". You start with outstanding bloodstock with an approach filled with hard labor, well thought out plans and the best ingredients. There is a difference between owning horses and breeding horses. There is an even greater difference between breeding horses and developing and implementing a world class breeding program. Blarney Stone Acres has created "World Class" in its breeding program!

It has taken many years to assemble this stable of famous world class Gypsy broodmares. These mares have proven themselves overseas and here in the states as well; mares with well known lineage and proven consistency. I have completed extensive research and exhaustive genetic tracing to provide alternative choices to importing stock from Europe. My mission is to build a breeding program that replicates the ingredients of those foremost breeding programs in Europe. I use horses that have been the standard in the Gypsy horse world for generations, and have already been proven as being of the highest quality. Having the right lines demonstrates the performance ability of Gypsy horses, focusing on the genetics that produce correct and consistent conformation, temperament, athletic ability and beautiful movement.

While many focus on the stallions, I also believe in the dominant traits of the best mares. Not enough emphasis is put on the mares in many breeding programs. A stallion may breed many mares but it is the mare that gives credibility to the stallion. A stallion may breed a field full of mares, not every foal is of quality unless the mare is a quality mare. The percentage of quality foals will be in direct proportion the percentage of quality mares.

My program centers around the infamous Teddy Mare, but all of my mares are carefully chosen for their consistency in breeding. Here at Blarney Stone Acres, we own the Teddy Mare and four straight generations of her offspring. Having information on lineage validates what my breeding program is and will be. This breed is often void of knowledge of back breeding, often creating foals of nick breeding which do not provide the consistency needed for a performance horse. Concentrating on my mares' dominant traits has given me the consistency I strive for year after year in breeding.

My choice of Sires is a stallion of impeccable proven lines. He brings correct conformation and beautiful movement and athleticism to my program. A horse should have good reach and drive to perform. The way of going or action is vital. I want my horses stride's to be long and free and easy. I see too many examples of this breed unable to demonstrate this kind of movement. I strive for perfection and I love the Teddy lines as there is consistency in solid top lines, good shoulders and ample withers. Withers seem to be absent all too often in this breed. Absence of withers will have an overall effect on the lay of the shoulder thus affecting movement. Conformation is critical to have a good moving horse and a comfortable ride regardless of your plans for performance.

I breed for conformation, movement and temperament. I breed for performance without sacrificing bone or hair which is part of the beauty of the breed. I believe these are horses of special abilities that can be shown and proven in the show ring, including dressage, hunter/jumpers and driving.

We at Blarney Stone Acres have studied the Romany culture and their breeding programs. If you want all the history and generations of the best ingredients of Gypsy horses, look no further than Blarney Stone Acres.