Deidre's Charm ("Dee")

Daughter of Lob X B&W Stallion

A beautiful and unusual quality mare. On a recent trip to Ireland, we visited with the Cash Family of Clononeen farm. They were kind enough to help us find a beautiful new jumping horse for our daughter Kelsey. A great Irish sport horse. Of course we had to go on a gypsy horses tour. The Cash's have a fabulous selection of gypsy horses. Looking at herds of horses, this one mare stood out. We fell in love with this particular mare. The appaloosa color was a fad in the early fifties. Hard to hold the spots the gypsies were breeding piebalds. There are still some appaloosa gypsy horses around regaining popularity once again.



But we have never seen such a quality appaloosa mare. Even without the fabulous coloring, this mare has it all. Conformation movement temperament and hair. Bloodlines too!!! She is ones of the sweetest mares we own. The coloring is just a bonus. 

This mare was a prized mare of Deirdre and Brian's father Pat Cash. One of the few mares that were kept as a prize in their herd. We had to have her. So appropriately named in honor of Deirdre Cash and her welcoming charm and hospitality Blarney Stone Acre's is proud to own a piece of history. One of Irelands finest mare. And now proudly, one of our finest mares.

* Photos Courtesy of Fran Scott

right accordion

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Foaled 2005

  • Tobiano: nn
  • Sabino: nn
  • Red Factor: Ee
  • Agouti: aa
  • Cream: nn
  • Gray: gg
  • Movie (Fall 2007)
  • Team Penning (Summer 2007) - Deirdre's Charm was taken to a Team Penning Event in the summer of 2007 on Long Island.
  • Therapeutic Riding (Summer 2007) - Deirdre's Charm was used for the therapeutic riding program at Bethpage Stable LI, NY in the summer of 2007. Sony Garguilo participates and volunteers time with this program. While Deirdre Charm was in his training program he found her a well suited horse to work with the children.
  • Equine Affair (Fall 2007) - Deirdre's Charm was ridden at the Equine Affaire in 2007 by Natural Horsemanship Trainer Sonny Garguilo.
  • Documentary (Fall 2007) - Deirdre's Charm was used in a documentary at Jones Beach NY in the fall of 2007.
  • Natural Horsemanship Presentation - Deirdre's Charm was used in a natural horsemanship presentation with Sonny Garguilo at the Muttontown preserve on LI, NY with the Nassau / Suffolk Horseman's Association.

Blarney Stone Acres Gypsy Deirdre's Charm was featured along with trainer Sonny Garguilo at Equine Affaire - Massachusetts, November 2010.

Deirdre's Charm at the 2009 National Gypsy Horse Show, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky.

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