The Teddy Mare "Teddy"

Crimea Mare X Eddie Alcox's Old
Black Horse, Born in 1989

The Teddy Mare was born in 1989 and has had seventeen foals, not bad for an old broad! She is a famous foundation mare from England known for producing fillies. Her offspring are usually of a larger size and vary in color. They all have heavy bone structure, hair, and have beautiful movement. They have graceful necks on a traditional old style Gypsy body. 



We have many of her offspring residing right here at Blarney Stone Acres, including her great great granddaughter. We are going to continue on with the Teddy line and have many hopes for the future.

* Photos Courtesy of Fran Scott


Blarney Stone's Million Dollar Baby
Born August 4, 2012

Blarney Stone's Encore
Born 2009

Blarney Stone's West "Mae"
Born May 7, 2007

Born June 2006

Paddington "Moose"
Born April 2005
Proudly Owned by Purcell Gypsy Horses

Born 2004
Proudly Owned by Greener Pastures Cobs

Red and White Mare (UK)
Born 2003

Black Mare (UK)
Born 2002

Infinity's Teddy
Born 2001

Teddy's Daughter (UK)
Born 2000

The Teddy Mare X Stallion out of The Horseshoe Filly
Born 1999

Born 1998

The Teddy Mare X Watson's Old Horse (Lad)
Born 1997
Proudly Owned by Harkaway Gypsies

Born 1996

The Teddy Mare X Watson's Old Horse (Lad)
Born 1995

Born 1994

Teddy's Daughter (UK)
Born 1993
Photo Courtesy of Becky Glover (Drum and Feather Farm)

Robert's Teddy
Born 1992
Photo Courtesy of Becky Glover (Drum and Feather Farm)

Born 1991

  • Tobiano: nT
  • Sabino: nn
  • Red Factor: Ee
  • Agouti: aa
  • Cream: nn
  • Gray: gg

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