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Walk the Talk

When buying gypsy horses many people are caught up in misrepresentation. It is important to actually receive the documentation on DNA and parentage, and photos you are promised before you pay the money for your horses!!!

One of the highest risks is in purchasing a horse without actually seeing it. I bought a mare from overseas that did not have a functioning teat and was not able to be the broodmare she was promised to be. She ran a high risk of mastitis and high risk of infection for future foals for lack of colostrum. I had this documented by two separate veterinarians.

I also bought a horse from someone I thought was a trusted seller. I paid top dollar for what was to be a top quality mare and when I received the mare she had foundered in all four feet with extreme rotation of the coffin bone. She was many years older than I was told. I did return the mare and was, many months later, reimbursed with another mare who also proved to be several years older than her passport indicated.

My main stallion, renamed The Godfather by his seller, was also misrepresented as being owned by him for a stated period of time. His passport also reflects a stallion several years younger than he actually is. This has been verified to me by an equine dentist and a top notch veterinarian. I am not unhappy with my stallion, but the age of a horse certainly plays into its value, health and affects the buyer’s breeding program.

I am representing fact, not opinion.

I believe in FULL DISCLOSURE when purchasing horses. FULL DISCLOSURE is a practice of integrity. Many Gypsy horse breeders in England purchase horses for a couple of thousand pounds and resell them to Americans for tens of thousands of pounds. This does not include the cost of import and quarantine. Many horses are acquired to be resold and are not of the breeding or ages they are claimed to be.

PLEASE ask your seller to "WALK THEIR TALK" and provide documentation and proof that your purchases are what they say they are. Also, understand if you buy a horse without personally seeing it, you may fall victim to buying a horse that is overpriced, has health issues, or is older than what is advertised. Your investment will be instantly reduced in value.

Remember, lineage is important and vital to the value of a Gypsy horse. Do not let yourself be fooled into believing otherwise. Here are some blanket statements you might hear from foreign Gypsy horse breeders.

  • USA dentists just don't know how to read a horse’s teeth---
  • This horse has been in my family for.......
  • This is the best stallion, mare, etc of this color I have ever owned…
  • It is the best I have seen…
  • I bet on my son’s, daughter’s, mother’s life…
  • I swear-------
  • I will buy back -------- (get it in writing)
  • I have always owned this horse since it was...
  • The horse was vetted------- (See proof)
  • This horse has never--------
  • My family bred this horse... (well, prove it!)

In conclusion, don’t believe anything you can’t verify by seeing for yourself. Believe what you can factually prove. Beware of salesmen. Trust your instincts. GET PROOF FOR YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS!!

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