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Lash's Lessons

Here at Blarney Stone Acres we fully support the Lash's Lessons™ healthy living program of Shirecrest Equine Education Center. We recently donated our Gypsy horse Merrow to this foundation. We believe it to be an educational program of the highest integrity. This program reaches children by giving them something they can relate to and understand. While having fun, they are also learning. Blarney Stone Acres will be working with Lash's Lessons to impart knowledge and values through a Gypsy Vanner horse a magical animal out of every child's dreams. Please join with us to support this program and enhance the educational opportunities for our children.

Welcome to "Friendly Acres"!


Photo courtesy of Mark Barrett


Lash was at the World Equestrian Games in 2010, here is a great photo from one of his special appearances!

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