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Finding a Good Horse Shipper

R & J Livestock, LLC is our current shipper that we use.

Josie and Rick

Fully Licensed and Insured



Characteristics of a good horse shipper:

  •        Disinfection of the trailer after transporting every horse.

  •        How often do you stop? A good shipper should stop every three to four hours.

  •        During stops, horses are allowed to regain their legs by standing still/resting for 40 minutes or so.

  •        Fresh water is offered during stops

  •        Well insured individual and for their transport

  •        Easy access to medical kit on his trailer.

  •        Horse savvy with years of experience.

  •        Shippers will understand and have the experience to put your horse in a box stall if needed.

  •        When hauled in a box stall the horses should not have a halter on.

  •        Trailers should be free of anything that could be dangerous to the horse

  •        Horses are tied so that horse's head is positioned to breathe properly but not too loosely to be a danger         to himself.

  •        Horses should be sent to their new home with hay & grain, which they are used to eating.

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