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Mission Statement

At Blarney Stone Acres, our mission is to educate people to have a better understanding of the culture of Gypsies and their Gypsy horses. Our goal is to create a community allowing people to share and offer information on this fascinating topic, which will further promote the great heritage of the Romany people.

We cannot stress enough how vital it is for those interested in Gypsy horses to have a clear understanding of the Gypsy horse breeding process. This understanding will help maintain strong clan-based breeding lines that Gypsy cob and vanner horses breeders have worked so hard to achieve over centuries.

Geography plays a powerful role in the Gypsy horse heritage. It is important to identify the geographic influences in the breeding of these Gypsy horses. By identifying the historic differences and similarities in breeding lines, we gain greater insight into the many different kinds of Gypsy horses available today.

Keeping with this heritage, we continue to breed established linebred horses, culling where necessary. We use only Gypsy horses with original foundation bloodlines and history, which decreases the likelihood of passing along genetic defects and other undesirable traits. Thus, with the true blood stock that we have acquired, we are able to maintain the strong foundation that has already been laid by past Gypsy horse breeders.

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